Terms and Conditions for publication in Basrah Journal of Science

1. The journal accepts research articles in the disciplines of (Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Computing, Earth and Environment) for publication.

2. Submitted manuscripts should not be submitted to, or published by another journal or conference, or others, and it is the submitting author’s responsibility to ensure that the paper’s publication has been approved by all the other co-authors if they are present.

3. Well English written research articles are accepted only using MS Word (2007 or 2010) formats on the A4 paper using Times New Roman (14 font for the title and subtitles, 12-point Times New Roman font leaving for the body with 1.5 line spacing, and page margins: top 2.5 cm, bottom 3 cm, right 1.5 cm, and left 2.5 cm.

4. If the article will delivered by hand or post, FOUR copies are needed with CD, one copy with full researcher name(s) and affiliation(s), and the other three without, or it can be submitted online ( o nline submission   

5.  The adoption policy of the journal writing in one column,  including introduction,  materials and methods , results and discussion, conclusions and reference. Summary (Abstract) and Keywords remain the same.
6. Submitted manuscript should include the following sections:

A) Title page that includes:

• Manuscript Title.

• Full Author’s Name(s).

• Author’s Affiliations.

• Email and phone number of the correspondence author should be clearly indicated.


B) Abstract: The abstract should be citation-free and does not exceed 250 words.

C) Keywords: No less than three keywords should be mentioned in this section.

D) Introduction: The introduction should be concise and does not include subheadings.

E) Material and Methods: This section should contain obvious and detailed procedures. Subheadings are accepted in this section.

F) Results and Discussions: The content of this section may be combined or divided under subheadings.

J) Conclusions: The most important achievement should be mentioned.

H) Acknowledgments: This section is optional.

I) References:

• Written reference in the Tenderloin in a way that the numbers are  inside small rectangular brackets, on the rest of the words and numbers are separated by comma if more than one reference is used, as in the example: Insects divided into 29 orders [1,2,3]


• Organize references mentioned in the Tenderloin and holds each number in brackets [ ]. It should start with the initial(s) name of the researcher(s) following by the last name then : and the paper title , at the end, name of the journal that the paper appear in it, followed by the volume and the number, then the year and finally the number of pages.

[1] T.S. Smith, : The taxonomy of insects. J. Insects  Taxon. 23 (1),2010, 3-26.


Note: Plagiarism and self-plagiarism are not allowed, the originality of the submitted manuscript will be checked using TurnItIn online service.

• If the reference is a book, write the author’s name as in the paper refence followed by the title of books, then the name of the publisher, then the year and followed by the pages number of the book. If the book was prepared by editor follows the name of the Editor (ed.) and placed in brackets, as shown in the following examples:

[1] E. Mayer, :Principles of Systematic Zoology. McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York.(1969) pp. 428.

[2] Swain, T. (ed.) :Chemical Plant Taxonomy. Academic press Inc., New York.(1939) pp. 370.

7. Do not change the page size, page setup is the competence of the journal. Let size as in the Setup program. If you have a figure or a table is greater than the page width, you must change them to match the default size of the page.

8. Regulating chemical or computer circuit formulas should aggregation in grouping them or provide a JPG version to avoid any move to any part of the formula during the organization of research articles.

9. Do not change the equation size from within or outside the equation. Do not manipulate the standard sizes of equations.  Write the equation number to the right of the equation at the end of the line. Equation number may write in the middle of the paper.  The numbering is as follows (1) or (2), and so on, and don’t put points before equation No, …. (1).

10. Write the title of the table at the top of the table, Table (1): followed by the title of the table.

11. Write the title of the figure below the figure, Figure (1): followed by the title of the figure.

12. Do not use italics at all only for scientific names (this for department of biology and it’s nearby).

13. Number of pages shouldn’t exceed 15 pages, and the amount of 3000 IQD will add for each additional page .

14. Meet the journal an amount of 75000 IQD (may increase) and it is non-refundable and payable upon delivery of the article.

15. The journal maintains all research articles sent to it, whether they were accepted or refused, not the researcher claimed.

16. If the research article is accepted for publication, the corresponding author provides the journal with one corrected paper copy with CDROM contains the typed article in word and pdf versions.

17. Research will reject in the case of changing the order of names when it returned after evaluation and correction, also it will refuse to look at removing the name of one or adding one or another.